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As much as we love to see all our products enjoyed by the customers, there are however certain circumstances that would warrant/lead to a Return/Refund. It is important to note that not all these circumstances would lead to a refund. Remakes and vouchers are also tools we at Antoine would employ to ensure proper customer satisfaction. Here are some of these circumstances:

·       WHEN PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET SPECIFICATIONS: Quality of product is important to us. Meeting customer specification is just as important too. What I ordered vs what I got is a something we at Antoine take very seriously, Should we ever have an issue getting the right materials to create your masterpiece, you will receive a mail from . In the absence of such a mail and the wrong product specifications being sent to you, kindly send an email to with your sign up email stating the nature of this complaint with the title WRONG PRODUCT SPECIFICATION. We will also need visual proof of this (A photo attachment is fine) and proof of payment. A remake would be provided to you immediately. However, if the materials to reproduce the original item is not available, a refund would be given to you after ten working days of logging your complaint.

·       PROBLEMS BEFORE WARRANTY? Antoine has a warranty window of two weeks, should your product have any defect during this two weeks, we would issue you a 30 percent off voucher on your next purchase. The good news is the quality of our products is so good this rarely happens! Remember to send a mail(with your sign up mail) with proof of funds and visual proof of defect to .



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